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                              China Coal Daily Track (Mar 2)

                              sxcoal.com Price 2020-03-02 14:07:58

                              Thermal coal Production area Coal prices declined at production areas with mines' production gathering pace. In S......

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                              1 China inks a $1.5bn thermal coal import deal with Indonesia 2020-11-26

                              China will buy $1.457 billion worth of thermal coal from Indonesia in 2021, according to a trade deal signed between the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) and China Coal Transport and Distribu

                              2 China's Oct coal imports hit a new low this yr 2020-11-26

                              China's coal imports in October hit a new low of 13.73 million tonnes within this year, which plunged by 46.56% year on year and declined 26.5% from September, according to data from the General Admin

                              3 China's thermal coal prices continue uptrend on trades 2020-11-25

                              Spot thermal coal prices continued to rise on November 24 at China's northern ports due to fresh trades clinched at higher prices. A cargo of 5,000 Kcal/kg NAR thermal coal changed hands

                              4 Mongolian coking coal arrivals to China tumble as more cases confirmed 2020-11-25

                              Mongolian coking coal imports have plummeted sharply this week, as anti-pandemic measures further tightened with more COVID-19 cases were confirmed. Sources said the number of trucks ente

                              5 China's seaborne import thermal coal market brisk 2020-11-25

                              Trading activity stayed brisk in China's seaborne import thermal coal market, with strong appetite for late November/December-laycan cargoes to use fresh import quotas within the year. Th

                              6 China Oct thermal coal imports slump 58.02% YoY 2020-11-25

                              China imported 4.84 million tonnes of thermal coal (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coals but excluding lignite) in October, slumping 58.02% year on year and 41.19% month on month, showed the

                              7 China approves 4 new coal projects in Xinjiang 2020-11-25

                              China's National Energy Administration (NEA) greenlit four new coal mine projects in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, according to a document issued on November 24. The four coal mines,

                              8 China's coal-rich province issues regulation to prevent mine accidents 2020-11-25

                              Northern China's Shanxi province rolled out strict regulation to prevent mine accidents from happening. The provincial government stated once a major accident occurs at a coal mine owned

                              9 Active purchases drive up domestic thermal coal prices 2020-11-24

                              Chinese domestic thermal coal prices witnessed a big jump at northern transfer ports, sparked by emerging purchases from end buyers against the backdrop of supply tightness. On November 2

                              10 China domestic coking coal keeps strength amid supply woe 2020-11-24

                              China's domestic coking coal prices have sustained a solid rise recently as supply becomes tight after imports from Australia were banned while Mongolian arrivals are curbed by the pandemic.

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                              1 Indonesian thermal coal prices drift higher amid buoyant buying 2020-11-20

                              Chinese demand for Indonesian thermal coal have surged abruptly this week after several coastal provinces reportedly gained additional import quotas from Beijing, fueling the market to keep moving upw

                              2 Chinese thermal coal market Dec outlook diverges 2020-11-20

                              December outlook diverged for Chinese spot thermal coal market, as recent allocation of additional import quotas has dented confidence of some participants. Short-term optimism and pessim

                              3 China faces Mongolian coal import shortage as coronavirus spreads 2020-11-24

                              Shipments of Mongolian coking coal to China have been challenged as a second wave of COVID-19 virus appeared in the landlocked country that has triggered strict measures on China's border administrati

                              4 Russia plans to reduce Dec coal export quotas to Far East region 2020-11-20

                              Russia's Industry and Energy Ministry plans to reduce December coal export quotas from Kuzbass to Far Eastern ports and China-Russia railway border crossings, and quotas from Kemerovo to Far Eastern r

                              5 Shanxi met coal mines lower operation on safety scrutiny 2020-11-20

                              Coking coal mines in some major production hubs of Shanxi reported lower operation lately, impacted mainly by escalating safety inspections after frequent mine accidents and environmental alerts.

                              6 Demand for imported thermal coal dents Chinese domestic prices 2020-11-23

                              Chinese domestic thermal coal market faced downward pressure as coastal power plants switched their focus to seaborne imports from domestic supply at northern ports, after new import quotas were relea

                              7 COVID-19 hampers Mongolian coking coal shipments to China 2020-11-23

                              Chinese border crossing checkpoints have taken anti-pandemic measures as new COVID-19 infectious cases were founded in Inner Mongolia, putting a lid on coking coal shipments to China, sources said.

                              8 China's top 3 coal provinces raw coal output up 3.01% in Jan-Oct 2020-11-20

                              Three major coal-rich provinces – Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi – registered a combined raw coal output of 2.2 billion tonnes in first ten months of 2020, up 3.01% or 64.86 million tonnes from a

                              9 Chinese met coke producers optimistic on low coke inventories 2020-11-20

                              Confidence among Chinese metallurgical coke producers continued to grow, along with sustained low coke inventory levels at coking plants and firm restocking from downstream steelmakers. C

                              10 Weekly global coal market news summary (Nov 16-Nov 20) 2020-11-20

                              Indonesian thermal coal prices climb after new quotas grant to coastal provinces Indonesian thermal coal prices edged up in the Chinese seaborne import market on news that some coastal provinc