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          1. Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast

            sxcoal.com Viewpoint,  Price 2020-03-03 08:46:01

            China's metallurgical coke market saw the first price volatility since early January last week with a 50 yuan/t decreas......

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            Spot thermal coal prices at China's northern transshipment ports jumped to a new high of nearly 19 months, as firm trading activities stoked the concerns of sustained supply crunch. On No

            2 Mongolian coking coal exports to China tumble amid stricter border virus check 2020-11-27

            Mongolian coking coal shipments to China slumped as Chinese checkpoints at the border imposed stricter coronavirus checks on Mongolian drivers, causing a significant slowdown in customs clearing, sour

            3 China's 2020 coal imports in a sharper curve due to COVID-19 pandemic 2020-11-27

            China's coal imports so far this year presented a much sharper curve than the past years even with similar control measures following import policy relaxation in the beginning of recent years.

            4 China's thermal coal futures hit 2-yr high on supply crunch, growing demand 2020-11-27

            Thermal coal futures on Dalian Commodity Exchange has touched a new high in the past two years, due to a combination of sustained supply crunch and mounting demand. As of 10 o'clock a.m.

            5 Shanxi Luliang's raw coal output increases 13.3% YoY over Jan-Oct 2020-11-27

            Luliang's raw coal output reached 115.03 million tonnes in the first ten months this year, increasing 13.3% from a year ago, according to the city's statistics bureau. Its washed coal out

            6 Shanxi closes 19 coking plants so far this year 2020-11-27

            Shanxi has closed 19 coking plants so far this year, involving 10.79 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of outdated coking capacity, local media reported. In addision, 11 coke producers have

            7 China's domestic thermal coal prices edge higher 2020-11-26

            Offer prices of spot thermal coal continued to increase at China's northern ports, backed by new deals sealed with higher prices a day earlier, sources said. A Jiangsu-based power plant o

            8 Chinese coking coal prices sustain rally amid supply tightness 2020-11-26

            Chinese domestic coking coal market continued to move higher amid ongoing supply shortage. On November 26, Fenwei CCI assessed Shanxi premium hard coking coal at 1,463 yuan/t, up 12 yuan/

            9 Russia thermal coal squeezing Indonesia's market share in Asia 2020-11-26

            Russia is likely to further squeeze market share of Indonesia, a traditional thermal coal supplier, in main Asian countries like China in the future. China's import of thermal coal (excl.

            10 China inks a $1.5bn thermal coal import deal with Indonesia 2020-11-26

            China is aiming to expand thermal coal imports from Indonesia in 2021 after the fossil fuel trade has been affected by the COVID-19 this year, according to a recent agreement signed by the two countri

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            2 China inks a $1.5bn thermal coal import deal with Indonesia 2020-11-26

            China is aiming to expand thermal coal imports from Indonesia in 2021 after the fossil fuel trade has been affected by the COVID-19 this year, according to a recent agreement signed by the two countri

            3 Global met coal may further strengthen on recovering demand, short supply 2020-11-24

            Global metallurgical coal prices are likely to further tick up in the coming months, following recent increaseddemand driven up by the recovering appetites, Russia's VTB Capital said.

            4 COVID-19 hampers Mongolian coking coal shipments to China 2020-11-23

            Chinese border crossing checkpoints have taken anti-pandemic measures as new COVID-19 infectious cases were founded in Inner Mongolia, putting a lid on coking coal shipments to China, sources said.

            5 Demand for imported thermal coal dents Chinese domestic prices 2020-11-23

            Chinese domestic thermal coal market faced downward pressure as coastal power plants switched their focus to seaborne imports from domestic supply at northern ports, after new import quotas were relea

            6 Aussie coal to find some support from loading disruptions; alternative markets hike 2020-11-23

            Australian high-ash thermal coal is likely to find some support from loading disruptions after a ship loader of the NCIG terminal at Newcastle port was damaged by storms on November 16 local time.

            7 Active purchases drive up domestic thermal coal prices 2020-11-24

            Chinese domestic thermal coal prices witnessed a big jump at northern transfer ports, sparked by emerging purchases from end buyers against the backdrop of supply tightness. On November 2

            8 Mongolian coking coal arrivals to China tumble as more cases confirmed 2020-11-25

            Mongolian coking coal imports have plummeted sharply this week, as anti-pandemic measures further tightened with more COVID-19 cases were confirmed. Sources said the number of trucks ente

            9 Indonesian low-CV coal jumps to 8-mth-plus high on Chinese appetite 2020-11-24

            Price of Indonesian low-calorific value thermal coal has jumped to an eight-month high in Chinese seaborne market early this week, and the uptrend may extend in winter heating season given China's nee

            10 China's Ordos coal supply decreases on tightened sales permit 2020-11-23

            Thermal coal hub Ordos in Inner Mongolia witnessed coal supply shrink lately, as local authorities tightened control of coal sales quotas again at small- and medium-sized mines after relaxation in Oct